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How To Fight Boredom During The Quarantine Situation of COVID-19

April 17, 2020

The coronavirus has officially reached all 50 states, as everyone adapts to a new reality. Schools are closed, restaurants only offer take-out and delivery, and there’s a travel ban practically worldwide. To fight COVID-19 and its pandemic-like spread, people everywhere are asked to self-isolate and quarantine themselves.

Quarantining has been very hard on communities across the nation and the world. Staying at home and social distancing can be particularly challenging for certain populations, especially the ones that lean on social interactions and activities the most. Unlike working moms and busy dads, young children and seniors really rely on their environment for stimulation, support, and a sense of belonging. Work is typically not part of their day-to-day.

Now that everyone is asked to keep to themselves, community centers, and even medical centers like Amicus, have had to scale back the social activities the elderly have come to enjoy. Right now, our knitting classes, workout courses, lunch gatherings, arts crafts, and all our other classes aren’t available, so as to keep up with health officials’ requirements.

That doesn’t mean, you still can’t have a little bit of fun on your own even if you are part of the older age group that’s more vulnerable to COVID-19. In fact, it’s great for your mental health. Trying to keep up with routine such as respecting your sleeping patterns, eating a balanced diet, and calling friends and family will help keep you busy and healthy.

Using the internet to watch educational videos online, can keep us mentally and physically active. You can visit Amicus Facebook page where there are a few videos from our specialists who have started posting suggestions to stay healthy during quarantine. There are various topics to choose from, as well as types of activities: from cooking to meditation to aerobics, breathing exercises, health tips, and more. And if you consider painting a work out, go ahead and watch some of youtube’s art classes online to create a masterpiece of your own.

Many popular gym studios are now live streaming their classes online, at various times a day. This type of format can make you more accountable, because you’d have it scheduled and join others who are participating at the same time. Daily Burn offers thousands of workouts at home, and you could now try it for free for 30 days.

Since you have much more time on your hand, maybe it’s time to tackle a project you’ve been putting on the back burner for years. Maybe it’s organizing family photo albums, or knitting a sweater for your grandson, or writing down all your famous recipes for keepsakes, or even going through your closet to donate clothes. You can also try a simple DIY project, just look online for ideas on something that works with your skills. You can even invite friends to join you and do it as a group. As long as everyone stays home of course, and you can discuss your progress over the phone or over a camera.

Speaking of DIY, try to tackle a new recipe for one meal a day. Make sure you choose healthy ingredients, to keep your immune system strong during the coronavirus situation. It’ll give you a chance to flex your creative muscles, and try something new to help you fight boredom. You can exchange recipes with friends over the phone, watch your favorite cooking shows, or get online and research various cuisines from around the world.

We hope these ideas help you keep boredom at bay, and stay healthy during these challenging times.

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