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The Benefits of Staying Active when Aging

staying active when aging July 29, 2021

Age is just a number – that’s a sentence that has become cliché because it is more and more accurate. Your lifestyle and activity have a great impact on how you feel, move, think, and live. The beautiful part about exercise is the ability to receive all the benefits from doing an activity based on your likes, interest, and capabilities.

Here are a few of our favorite activity options to inspire you.


Liven Up Your Workouts

Exercise has some great benefits. It reduces risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, decreases risk of stroke, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers. That’s quite the college resumé, but what about the extracurriculars? Outside of being generally good for you, exercise is fun and the benefits extend beyond the physical like releasing endorphins, connecting you with a community, and helping you keep a sharp and healthy mind. 


Exercise while Seated

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – a journey to a healthier lifestyle can be done from a chair. Mobility is an obstacle that seated exercises can help overcome. And while it doesn’t sound effective, the truth is, small movements make a big impact. 


Chair Aerobics

Seated jumping jacks, ab twisters, and leg extensions can all be done from your seat. Outside of community classes, youtube is a great resource for workouts but you don’t just have to stick with the standards here when there are phenomena like chair dancing and even seated boxing.


Popular Exercises

Exercise can be done anytime, anywhere, and with any attitude. Just remember the Prancercise Lady that turned power walking into a mood. Walking is a great start, it gets you out in the world and can quickly evolve into skipping, prancing, or even just spending excellent time in nature.

Walking also represents independence and can help keep you mobile, mindful, and self-sufficient longer than if you observe a sedentary lifestyle. 

Joining a walking group, walking to a coffee shop, or strolling through a park are also lovely ways to keep your activity linked to your social life. Popular exercises are about building connections, not just about moving your limbs.    


Low Impact Fun

If you’re looking for something with less of an impact on your joints, you can’t beat water workouts. Water aerobics helps build muscle strength and endurance without stressing your body. Plus, you get the bonus of feeling weightless. 

Other water workouts include taking a swim or a stroll down the lap pool, or kicking it up a notch with water games, synchronized swimming, or even just hitting the beach for a stroll on the sand or a wade in the waves. 


Work it Out on the Dance Floor

You can’t talk about exercise in South Florida without mentioning dance. Whether it’s the salsa or the mambo doesn’t matter – this engaging activity never feels like a workout, dancing is always an event.

Community events, parties, ballroom dance classes, or even just you in your living room; there’s no limits with this exercise option. 


Breathe In, Breathe Out

We don’t really think about breathing as an exercise, mindful breathing is more of a meditation, but without good breathing, exercise is much harder. As you greet the day, try starting your mornings with some deep breathing techniques to wake up your lungs and help your body process more oxygen. 

Intentional breathing helps enforce healthy lung function, contributes to benefits for memory retention, and helps improve circulation. If your diaphragm isn’t working at its best, your body can compensate by engaging your neck, back, and chest muscles in the act of breathing – which can put unnecessary strain on your body. 

We like the deep belly breath: Take a deep breath in through your nose, and pay attention to your belly filling with air, then breathe out slowly through your mouth for a simple, healthy start to your day.


Health is Personal

Your activity should reflect your interests and improve not only your body but your quality of life. At Amicus, we encourage health through community and hope these fun activity insights inspire you to move more and enjoy your exercise. Follow us on Facebook for more healthcare information and tips. 


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