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What Is Transitional Care And How Can Amicus Help?

What Is Transitional Care And How Can Amicus Help? February 10, 2020

Did you know that Medicare spends $1 billion dollars on patients who are readmitted to a hospital after discharge, just because the patients lack support or information?

This staggering number compelled us at Amicus, to do better for our patients; we should, and could do much better. To further understand why patients are not receiving the proper support or information, we first have to understand what happens after a patient is discharged from a hospital.

After discharge, patients may become vulnerable to decreased levels of care, as there is no observation, routine testing, or medical checkups at home, such as they experience while hospitalized. This, along with, inadequate and confusing hospital discharge information, lack of family support, and not to mention, incomplete or slow transfer of medical details to primary care physicians and specialists, necessary to ensure proper post-discharge care for the patients.

Transitional care encompasses a broad range of medical services to promote safe and timely passage of patients between various levels of healthcare settings. This includes assisted living facilities, hospitals, and nursing homes. It focuses on moving patients from one care setting to another, involving several factors such as providers, therapeutic regimens, family caregivers and more. Transitional care is especially important in the older adult population.

At Amicus Medical Centers, our dedicated group of Transitional Care Specialists, focus on providing support and education to our senior patients that have undergone certain medical procedures and are transitioning out of a hospital environment.  Our Transitional Care team makes it easier for our post-discharge senior patients to see their doctors, by calling the patients and prioritizing their follow up appointments with their Primary Care doctor.  They assist with transportation, help with patient and family education, they coordinate with other health professionals involved in the transition, and much more.

Don’t leave it up to chance.  Amicus’ Transitional Care Team bridges the gap between illness and recovery.  Our Transitional Care team is ready and available to assist patients in their transition from hospital to home. Our model to recover is a faster and easier way to get home safely. For more information, contact Irene Kouz at 954-505-5015


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